Monday, February 17, 2014

The Happy Sperm Hour Show!

I want to create an anime series that follows an unborn sperm, named Tissue, who goes on a ridiculous quest to be reincarnated. Each (episode/chapter/segment) would follow Tissue’s other sperm buddy’s, doorknob and Fishbowl, Tagging along to help figure out the mess there’re in.

(P.S. Their names represent where their original “father” came on . Why? Because their memories are fucked, cept they know where they dried out, and there’re unborn sperm. So why not use there death location as their own name?)



Their appearance is set to make them look what they originally should have looked like in human form (around the age where they met the antagonist.), Albert with their new unborn quirks added on them. Such as Tissue having white hair, or Doorknob having a round belly. (Whereas Tissue's original body had black hair, and Doorknob having a slimmed down tummy in his original form.) Fishbowl has the most drastic change in looks, but I'll discuss that later.


Background Info!

Tissue was supposed to be a rookie detective from the 50’s, whose latest case brings forth the main villain’s plan to make him never born.

(With his full life turned into a blank slate, he puts what’s left of his skills to search for clues to being un-reborn.)

Doorknob was supposed to be a half-Mexican half-Asian Wrestler in 2034, who defeated the antagonist in a food eating contest, leading to unborn sperm attack from antagonist.

(As with Tissue, Doorknob’s brain is lacking in remembering his past life, but his skills of wrestling are still enough to help out.)

Fishbowl was supposed to be a Wal-Mart clerk by day, Dj at night, in 2004, who sold the wrong pet product to the antagonist, who decided “eh why not?” And unborns him.

(Same as before, vague memory of his past, and skills of DJ mixing are unfortunately useless in his current state. But does whatever little he can to help.)


The antagonist is an anonymous being, whose lifespan is unidentified, but is hell bent on ensuring those who irate it will face the unborn treatment. By altering the timeline to make the dads cum elsewhere, rather than inside the womb.



The world they currently live in is set in an alternate limbo, of the normal limbo, whereas they're technically not properly “born” yet, thus no moral judgments are brought to them as they do any mean necessary to come back alive.




The good guy sperms would occasionally battle against other sperms the antagonist had unborn as well, such as the dreaded Corncob and his lackey sidekick Shithole. (The deadly unborn twins who separated into corn and shit from their father’s nasty anal gone wrong timeline.)


Powers?! (And Inabilities….)

Each person has unique abilities tied to their unborn deaths, with good and bad quantities.

Tissue would be lightweight and dodge easily in fights, and has tremendous skills with firearms, BUT his weakness is he can’t swim, due to absorbing skin. (Rather he would rapidly sink down and slowly crumble away, having to dry out in order to piece himself back together.)

Doorknob would be Heavyweight and use powerhouse skill attacks, BUT  his weakness is he can’t jump, due to having tiny legs (rather he would roll around for movement.)

Fishbowl would regrettably have no real skills at fighting, as an average weight class, but can hack electronics to battle for him, BUT his weakness is his head isn’t properly attached to his neck. (Rather he wears a makeshift glass bowl on his shoulders, filled with his floating brain and eyes. With a walkie-talkie attached to it, in order for him to talk.)


Session 1

So after a few chapters to help explain who they are, they team up to seek out a time machine, in order to hunt down their fathers, so that they can get them born. Meanwhile they battle other sperms and get into wacky hijinks while in alter limbo. PLUS The antagonist has no clue this shit is going on!



Season 2

Then we follow the time travel segment, where Tissue’s father would be a drug smuggling teenager, Doorknob’s father is a yakuza boss and fishbowl’s dad is an outer space alien. Tissue’s goal is seeking out the girl for his dad, Doorknob’s goal is preventing his dad from dying before Cumming, and fishbowl’s goal is to prevent the world from blowing up from his dad.

All three sperm friends help each other out in each timeline. Oh yeah, that antagonist fella, he now becomes aware of their bullshit plan, and starts to invade each timeline.


Season 3 Pending



So to recap, it’s a story about three time traveling unborn sperms, seeking to get their dads laid.( or at least get the sperm into the correct egg.) While avoiding the crazy antagonist from undoing their plans.