Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Process Of Getting Caught (H-Pictures Edition)

( All pictures were taken by me, from various sources of SFW sections of awkward face moments, spliced into an enjoyable, if tasteless blog post.)

First off you just chilling in your room, relaxing by the bed, when you recall that porno mag your buddy sent you from Germany. You know, the one banned in several countries, yet somehow you got connections to acquire it.

Once those pesky roommates leave the house, you dive right into the main articles!


For the anticipation of boobies popping out, you make that stupid grin, as always.


Just as you “read” the section of the blind girl and the broken refrigerator, you suddenly hear the front door open!


Oh Shit!

As you scrambled to toss the mag across the room, while tearing the zipper off your jean by mistake, the door slightly creeks open, revealing Judy, the next door girl of your dreams. (Why is she here?! WHO CARES! SHE JUST SAW YOUR DICK IN YO HAND!)

Hey I was wond- OH MY GOD!

You’ve suddenly become frozen, like a deer getting its test results back.




You try to explain what was going on, but trip from your loose pants, and fall backwards.

Just as quick as a transvestite showing up at the bachelor party, the door slams shut, leaving you alone to freak the fuck out.





But without realizing it, you pop a brain aneurysm and die slowly from the shock.


Instead of popping a chicken, you choked your brain away.

Moral of the story?



Monday, January 20, 2014

The Process Of Being Sick

Starting on Thursday the 9th of this month I was forced to take a flu shot, because of my ever worrying aunt, and of course became sick from it. This is the detail of the events:

Thursday- Wake up to a sudden surprise car trip.  Arrive to an undisclosed drug store that had penis pumps on sale, in front of the wide glass windows. I get shot and go to work.

Status: feel fine

Friday- I feel a slight cold sweat, but may be due to work, then avoid telling anyone about flu shot as my boss seems to be terrified of anyone who is sick already.

Status: Worried but ok.

Saturday- Left nostril begins to bleed slightly, and body feels extra tired.

Status:  Defiantly sick.

Sunday- Nose gives up will to live, and pours out an endless stream. Sneezed so hard, felt like I shook my kidneys. Oh did I mention I worked from 8:30 a.m till 9:10p.m.?


Monday- No work and finally sleep most of the sickness away.

Status: Watching Batsu Games, so great.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Random Notes: Character With Eight Spines

This is a slight idea, where it could go anywhere, from a game to another media, so I couldn’t properly inject it in to a game idea.


All I want to start off is to say this character is going to be a side character, and if control is put of them then it will be in a spin off title to the original subject.


Anyhow, This person one day wakes up to discover their back has open up to show several mutated spines have grown out of their body. They will have slight control at the beginning, such as flexing them or retraction inside. Unbeknownst to them, the spines will later on show off it has its own mind, but will follow in their actions. However, their activities of karma will alter their appearance and locked abilities later on.


For if they take the Villainous path, the spines will become sharper, from taking the aggressive route to stab into people,  while letting you dodge and move along walls with spider like movement spine legs . Due to the player needing less body weight in order to dodge, this means their health will be lowered, but speed will be Vastly faster.


However, the Virtuous path will harden the spines, from taking a defensive route and slap attacks, and allow blocking attacks and later on the ability of flight. Due to needing more weight to substance attacks, their health will be higher, but speed will be drastically slower.



Also unlike most karma subjects, once the player commits to one side, there are permanently locked into that role.  This is because the spines will not like change so easily, and will refuse actions that the player would normally cast under the other role.

Of Couse this means for the last action, if the player decides to act the opposite role, the spines will wrap around them, and crush them to death.
Ok enough of this small idea, gotta go focus on my other life!